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Get started saving money by creating a SLIRM shopping list for your local grocery stores. Let artificial intelligence comparison shop for you.

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SLIRM is free. Start using SLIRM to save money shopping at your favorite grocery stores comparing prices on all your groceries. Signing up is optional, but you will experience many time saving features if you sign up and login. Invite others to join SLIRM so your community shopping experience is better for everyone.


Let SLIRM create smart shopping lists for your local grocery stores. It will compare prices. Select the groceries you want from the list and see which of your local stores has the best prices. SLIRM is crowd-sourced so it's a little like co-op buying, using the power of the group. SLIRM is artificially intelligent but not omniscient. Therefore, it needs your feedback when prices change where you shop. That's all there is to it.